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NaftaGaz summed up 2018 results

NaftaGaz summed up 2018 results
Results of 2018 show that Russian oilfield services company NaftaGaz holds stable position in Top-5 largest independent drilling contractors in the country. The production indicators provided in the business plan were achieved, and the annual drilling rates of 2017 were maintained. The share of horizontal drilling in the order book remains much higher than the industry average – more than one and a half times. In 2018 the company mastered new technologically complicated types of wells. 7 wells with controlled pressure and 7 multilateral wells were built and often with acceleration to standard time limits. This proves high qualification of the company’s personnel, which is ready to implement the most complicated projects, including “turn-key” ones. One more drilling rig was put into service, which capacity ranges 225 tons. The results of the bidding season show 100% utilization of available production capacities for 2019.

“Last year NaftaGaz switched from intensive growth of quantitative indicators to qualitative development and improvement of work efficiency,” said Islam Nazaraliyev, Director General of NaftaGaz JSC. “We are close to finishing our process automation programme, which will significantly reduce costs and continue formation of the control system as planned. In the nearest future the human factor will be minimized in many areas of production support. We increased the productive time ration by 5% during the year. As a result, the company plans to become one of the leaders in terms of profitability and efficiency in the oilfield services market of the country. Cooperation with the largest Russian leasing companies, VTB Leasing and Sberbank Leasing, continues, which helps NaftaGaz to upgrade its equipment fleet. To discuss issues of concern, NaftaGaz organized a dialogue between production and oilfield services, and set up a coordination council called “Partner”. We plan to further develop this work.”

Production enterprise NaftaGaz-Drilling confidently holds top positions in customers’ ratings in terms of quality and accident-free operation. An important milestone has been reached – last year the company drilled one and a half million meters from the beginning of its operations. The tower installation division of NaftaGaz-Service successfully started working with third parties. The automatic knowledge verification system “Olympox” was implemented for mass control of knowledge in the field of occupational health and safety.

 The news about production records and achievements of drilling crews of NaftaGaz-Drilling have become traditional for the company. In 2018 construction of a number of multilateral horizontal wells was completed substantially ahead of the schedule. Drillers reached the record drilling rate in the southern part of Priobskoye field. Several crews all at once won internal customer tenders and were named “Best Production Drilling Team of 2018”. This year, exemplary employees were identified by company’s own efforts, and the “Best in Profession” professional skills contest was held for the first time. They share their accumulated experience and knowledge, as well as invited instructors from the world's leading oilfield service companies, with young specialists within the established internal school of drilling masters, drillers and supervisors. The purpose of such school is to train succession pool, identify and retain high potential employees. Here, driller helpers are trained as drillers and high potential employees are developed to the level of drilling foremen or supervisors. Demand for such an opportunity has turned out to be high, and employees of third parties are also eager to be admitted for training.

 The company's development achievements have not gone unnoticed by representatives of the global oilfield services industry: At the end of 2018, NaftaGaz-Drilling division was admitted to the International Drilling Contractors Association (IADC). Яндекс.Метрика