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Another record in well construction set by Naftagaz-Drilling crew

Another record in well construction set by Naftagaz-Drilling crew
Naftagaz-Drilling crew has completed well drilling in the Southern part of Priobskoe field (customer Gazpromneft-Khantos) significantly ahead of schedule.

With the design cycle of 30 days the horizontal well without pilot hole was drilled within 25.6 days. Total meterage of the well amounted to 4385 meters, the liner length was 985 meters. The record drilling speed was 5.83 days per 1000 meters for such type of wells at this field. The previous record was 5.91 days per 1000 meters.

Such high performance results were achieved largely due to analysis of drilling process for previous wells on the cluster, which was used as a base for preparation of detailed plan for a record setting well drilling. Continuous and efficient feedback between the drill site and customer’s office was also helpful.

In the process maintenance of drilling equipment was regularly performed while no drilling was conducted, the wiper drifting process was optimized before RIH of Ø245 mm surface casing, and spiral bladed calibrator was used as part of BHA. The tangent section was drilled as a single run without technical tripping. The optimum condition of the bore hole has enabled cancellation of the second stage of preparation works before liner string RIH.

The record setting crew will be rewarded with a bonus from the customer for the achievement. Яндекс.Метрика