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Press: NaftaGaz names best employees among drillers

Press: NaftaGaz names best employees among drillers
NaftaGaz held the first professional skills contest among Naftagaz-Drilling crews. The contest took place at the second Otdelnoye oil field in Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous District. All in all, four crews from Yamal, Yugra and Tomsk Region participated in the contest and showed the greatest performance.

The participants were involved in three competitions: they showed their theoretical knowledge by answering questions on various drilling aspects; they demonstrated their professional skills in a practical contest, and provided the first medical aid to simulated injured person before ambulance arrival.

During practical competition the drilling crews had to lower drill pipes, to simulate drilling, and to lift the drilling pipes upon the cycle completion. The speed was of secondary importance in the competition. Above all the judges assessed coherence, compliance with technical regulations and, last but far not least, safety rules.

“Compliance with safety rules was the key efficiency assessment criterion. Such compliance and production control are two main focuses of our company”, said Artur Khisamov, Deputy HSE Manager of Naftagaz-Drilling LLC.

More than a half of NaftaGaz drillers have a higher education degree in the industry and are involved in continuous internal training activities. This is the major performance driver. Nowadays, Naftagaz-Drilling is in TOP-5 Russian independent drilling companies by the drilling rate. The company operates in the regions with most complex climatic conditions.

“It does not matter where we have to work, as drilling is always performed with regard to the area specifics. Some projects are more complex, while others are easier to perform, in general our company has a competence that allows us to address any challenges in any Russian region”, said Aleksandr Kotov, First Deputy to CEO for Production of NaftaGaz JSC.

For instance, 14 wells were drilled and accepted in due time and without any accidents on cluster No. 2 of Otdelnoye oil field, where the professional skills contest took place. The majority of these wells are already used for oil exploration, and drilling crews are getting ready to relocate.

Upon the results of professional skills contest, the jury board named Khantos-1 crew the winner, closely followed by Yamal drilling crew that took the second place, while Khantos-2 crew came in third. The participants received cash prizes. Each crew, including Vostok that took the forth place, will get a new washing machine. Moreover, NaftaGaz decided to hold such professional skills contest annually.