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Press: Heroes hit the stand

Press: Heroes hit the stand
For the first time ever, Naftagaz-Drilling has named the best drilling crew. The company held a professional skills contest for the Best Employee award on the eve of Oil&Gas Industry Worker’s Day. Four best crews of the company participated in various competitions all day. Yury Usakovsky knows, who was the fastest and the most accurate crew to reach the reference oil formation.

Dinar Kurbiev is 28 years old. Seven of them he spent operating the drilling rig master console. As the contest rules required, each crew had to overcome 75m to reach a reference oil formation. Assistant Drillers helped him to do so. Two members took the pipe from the bottom, while the third member or the “leader” monitored the work from the upper platform. They had only one hour to complete the task.

Dinar Kurbiev, the driller of Khantos-2 crew said: “You have to trust your instincts, if in doubt, better stop, check everything – Devices, crew memebers, equipment, everything”.
For the first time in the company’s history, Naftagaz-Drilling has celebrated the Oil&Gas Industry Worker’s Day by holding a contest for the Best Employee award. Drilling crews from three regions – Tomsk Region, Yamal, Yugra – came to participate in the contest.

Aleksandr Kotov, First Deputy to the General Director for Production at NaftaGaz JSC said: “Drilling is always performed with regard to the area specifics. Some projects are more complex, while others are easier to perform, but in general our company has such competence, which is enough to address any challenges in any region of Russia”.

Today Naftagaz-Drilling is in TOP-5 Russian independent drilling companies by drilling rate. This year it plans to increase the rate. Orders and funding are available. The company both pays a huge attention to continuous professional advancement of its employees and actively attracts higher school graduates. Recently, it launched a young drillers and assistant drillers school.

Aleksey Kalinin, Deputy HR Manager at Naftagaz-Drilling LLC said: “We prepare individual development plans for each person. We nurture our specialists. Thus, we give a chance to young men and women, blaze the trail to their future in respect to their core professional competencies”.

Khantos-2, the crew headed by Dinar, showed a great performance in practical and theoretical competition, but got less scores than needed in first aid competition. It came third. The Yamal crew took the second place. The jury board named Khantos-1 drilling crew the winners of Best Employee contest.